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Gmail is updated with artificial intelligence to help you write emails

When Google introduced the Pixel 3 the new phones came from the hand of some news that were originally exclusive to these terminals but we already knew that they would reach more devices after a while. And it has happened.

One of the most useful functions was the «Smart writing«, A new option that allowed the system to use artificial intelligence to predict what we were going to want to write, making the process faster.

Now this function is reaching all users, albeit staggered. In The Free Android team we have colleagues who can already use it and others who have not yet, regardless of the type of devices we are using.

How to activate Smart Writing

This new function will be activated by default but if not, we can open the application Gmail, go to Settings, select the account in which we want to have it operational and check the option «Smart writing»Within the section General.

If we do not want these suggestions to appear, we simply have to deactivate it in that account.

How Smart Writing is used

This way of writing is quite intuitive because as we write the system will put new words below and simply sliding your finger over the text (not on top of the keyboard) the words will be written, being able to advance much faster.

The interface itself warns us that we can slide on the screen so that the text that appears suggested (in gray) remains as part of the message (turning to black).

We hope that Gmail continues to improve with this type of functions and do not miss much Inbox when it stops working shortly.