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Free applications that were previously paid, describe or fly

We are fully recovered from what was the most intense week of the year. Only the echoes of the previous MWC remain, also the echoes of our last special of free applications. So, do you fancy a new compilation? We are convinced that the answer is yes, so we bring you the best we have found in the Google Play.

All the free and offer applications you have below have specific promotions. At the time of writing this article apps and games were discounted, but this will change: little by little they will recover their price. Hurry up if you want to get the entire collection: just download it from the following links.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

No, the offers are not over yet, we have some more discount. All interesting even if they are not free: the quality of the following apps is beyond doubt.


This is a tool of music creation that borders on professionalism offering a huge amount of possibilities. A luxury that you can have on your Android for half its price.


A musical game in which you not only entertain yourself playing, also creating music: you will have original remixes at your fingertips that you can later share. Incredibox is one of those games that gives rhythm to your collection of applications; especially if you get it with a 70% discount.

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