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First news of Android Wear 5.0 Lollipop

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<p style=We are in the moment of updates to the new version of the Android 5.0 operating system Lollipop, Y Android Wear it will not be less since it will receive its racket of “lollipop”.

Through the Phandroid page we can know some news that will come with this version:

  • Battery and storage:With this functionality we can see a graph of battery performance or storage space of our devices from our Smartphone.
  • A freer customization:in this version the doors will be opened, through a new API, to third-party developers so that they can design the visual parts that adapt to the shape of the clock.Possibility of recovering discarded notifications:with a simple finger swipe up we can retrieve notifications discarded that for anything we do not want to lose.
  • Brightness settings:We will always be in different situations in which the watch will look more or less so that we can adjust the brightness using some modes, such as the Cinema mode, which lowers the brightness in low light situations. The other way to help us with the brightness is the sunny mode, which simply put the brightness of our Smartwatch full to see it in bright conditions.
  • Ordering commands in Okay Google:this will do easier to access commands that we use the most by positioning them above, and below those that we use the least.
  • Accessibility:new options are added as invert colors or the magnifying glass gesture to increase the screen zoom.