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Facebook News: a personalized news tab arrives, still in the testing phase

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has introduced this Friday its news tab, known as
Facebook News, in which it groups all the contents of the media and allows users to customize it, although at the moment this function is only available in the testing phase for a small group of people in the United States.

The new one
News tab is set according to the opinions of journalists and publishers, which Facebook has consulted before its launch to know what content to include and how to show them, as the company has informed in a statement.

Facebook News is composed of several functions, among which 'the stories of today' stand out, for which a group of journalists select the main news of the day, or specific sections for specialized news on business, entertainment, health, science and technology and sports.

The new tab will be customizable by users, who can choose on certain aspects depending on the news you read, share or follow, as well as depending on their interests and favorite topics. Controls are also included to limit certain content or media that the user does not want to appear.

In the aspect of personalization, Facebook has acknowledged that it still has "progress to make before relying solely on machine learning" technology, used to carry out the selection of the news of the tab.

The company has announced that "expanding the selection through news algorithms", with the constitution of a team of experts to prioritize the original news and from diverse sources, "not just the big media" in the United States.

Another feature present in Facebook News is a section of paid subscriptions, to receive news from the media to which users have subscribed through the account on the social network.

The content of the Facebook news tab will come from four types of media: general, specialized, diverse and local. The social network has explained that they will obtain media content already present in their news index and that they respect the social network content policies against false news, hate speech or bait headlines ('clickbait'), among others.

At the moment, the function will be tested in a limited way only with local media from some areas of the United States, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Fort Worth, Philadelphia, Houston, Washington DC, Miami, Atlanta and Boston.

Despite the introduction of this tab, Facebook has reported that it will continue to show the news in the Posts Feed as it did so far.


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