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Facebook launches news tab managed by journalists

Amid growing criticism and controversy, and in what appears to be an attempt to redeem itself with public opinion and the media, Facebook said it wants to "strengthen democracy" by deploying a dedicated place for news from reputable sources. In this context, the social network launched Facebook News, a dedicated tab for verified news articles on its platform.

The launch takes place while the network continues to face criticism for fake news or Fake News, in addition to accusations of possible electoral interference and the decision not to verify the veracity of the political ads that can be published, and for which it charges a good price . Even so, the CEO of the company, Mark Zuckerberg, believes it is a good idea, and also released the announcement and a video on his personal account.

While the news will continue to appear in the News Feed as before, Facebook News aims to create a dedicated space for users to receive the information that interests them. The tab will be partially controlled by algorithms, but the contents of the Todays Stories section (today's stories) will be selected by real journalists who will look for original reports.

The social network ensures that the tab was created with the contributions of news organizations, and that the implementation of people and not just algorithms arose from the suggestions provided by industry professionals.

But while journalists will select stories for the top section based on a set of editorial guidelines, much of the Facebook news will also be customized for each user. That means that the news that will appear in the tab will be determined by the type of publications with which you interact most. The goal is to deliver content that keeps users interested every time they visit the news tab. There are also controls to hide editors, topics and articles you don't want to see.

However, this personalized delivery of news also has its dark side: it is criticized for the possibility of creating what has been called echo chambers, where a reader is surrounded only with information from his own point of view, amplifying his own beliefs, without obtaining a perspective from different sources or currents of thought.

Along with Today's Stories and personalized recommendations, Facebook News includes sections on topics about business, entertainment, health, science, technology and sports. Users with active news subscriptions linked to their Facebook account will also see news of those subscriptions in the tab.

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