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Employees accuse Google of creating a Spanish tool

Google employees fear they will be spied on by the company, according to Bloomberg, through an internal surveillance tool that may monitor workers' attempts to organize protests in defense of their labor rights.

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In recent months, Google employees around the world have held protests related to sexual harassment and their labor rights. On October 21, for example, dozens of office workers in the city of Zrich, Switzerland, scheduled an event to assert their rights that, supposedly, and repeatedly, Google's top executives tried to stop. Also, employees have organized internal campaigns against some of the company's projects, such as the creation of a censored version of its search engine in China and even against a contract with the Pentagon that could analyze the images captured by drones.

In summary, Google faces a battle with its workers, who now, say they discovered in early October that a team within the company was creating a tool in the form of a Chrome browser extension, which may have been installed on your computers to automatically report when an event is scheduled.

According to a letter sent to Bloomberg,A Google employee explained that the only explanation they find about the tool is that the company wants to "immediately discover any attempt to organize workers." As detailed, the extension automatically informs Google when employees have an event with more than 100 people candelarized.

However, representative of Google denied that these accusations are true, although it did not deny the existence of this extension that its employees discovered:

?These statements about the operation and purpose of this extension are categorically false. This is an emerging reminder that asks people to be aware before automatically adding a meeting to the calendars of a large number of employees, ?he explained.

According to Google, the extension was created from an increase in the use of calendars and events, ensuring that the tool was only created to reduce the spam and improve efficiency when people communicate massively. In addition, he stated that he is not responsible for collecting private information from his users..