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Download the game with the craziest combination: pinball and basketball

Dunk a Lot is that kind of game that does not stand out absolutely for anything except to take away your boredom in a very simple and enjoyable way.

Many times we don't want to play games that impress us. There are simply times when we want to play to the first game we met and that's it Hence the casual games They have won so much on Android and that they are a good alternative to other titles too heavy for the moment.

The game that we bring you today is not special but in the achievement of be addictive and entertaining without offering you more than a ball, a scenario similar to pinball and that's it. In addition, it must be said; We all love to make the minimum effort.

Dunk a Lot: when the pinball and a basketball meet

Pinball and basketball together in this crazy game

The game could not be easier. In a scenario very similar to pinball and with blue baskets, we will have to score to go to the level below. How? Pressing on the screen. One press will drop the ball to the left and another to the right. With that, we have to move forward as much as possible.

Pinball and basketball together in this crazy game

The pink stripes we have to avoid, since we will die. It is done, He has no more. The movement of the ball will depend on us and the only thing we will have to do is hit with some skill. As we said, you can go to the next level.

At first Dunk a Lot doesn't tell you much, why are we going to fool ourselves. But it has the typical effect that many casual games have: the fourth attempt to pass a level, you insist and want to have fun at all costs. The title, then, becomes addictive. And this is no exception.

Pinball and basketball together in this crazy game

The more we descend, the more complicated the levels become. Logically, Dunk a Lot has features freemium, that is, we will have advertising and payments within the app. A free currency that we will collect will match the actual payments we make.

We can unlock new balls that I already tell you are not worth it, since they cost real money. In addition, it is not that it is the panacea, since it does not affect the gameplay at all. And of course, the rewards can be enhanced by watching ads.

Pinball and basketball together in this crazy game

There are many levels that we can unlock gradually or with real money or with achievements, and there are other modes such as long shot or against the wall. He does not need much more, since everything is designed so that addiction is enough and not stop playing.

And also in a totally expected way we have free boxes with money or certain rewards that we can get or paying game currency or waiting for the rewards time. Nothing we haven't seen yet.