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Download Mercedes me, the app to analyze your vehicle, your driving and more

If you have a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, it is worth downloading the app Mercedes me, a control center for our smartphone from which we can check useful information about the car: from the pressure of the tires to the place where it is parked, through other details such as fuel level.

It should be noted that the app is only compatible with those Mercedes that have the Mercedes me Connect module, or the Mercedes me Adapter for older vehicles. You can check this link if your car is compatible.

Check practically everything about your car with the Mercedes app

After registering and entering the details about your vehicle, through the app you can have all the information about it on your mobile screen to check it whenever you want.

In addition, it collects the status of the car, showing you the mileage, he battery status, etc. Moreover, you can also exercise some control remotely such as lock and unlock the doors -Perfect if you are one of those who constantly doubt if you have closed the car- activate and deactivate the heating or ventilation, among others.

Similarly, the app integrates a parking assistant to control maneuvers when parking, especially useful when there is very little space available.

Then, it is also possible plan a route from the phone and send it to the vehicle so that it is ready when we start, allowing us to save time or manage it when we have it. Once we are on our way, the service will guide us along the best roads depending on the traffic data obtained in real time.

You can now download the Mercedes app for free

The Mercedes app can be downloaded for free for iPhone (App Store) and for Android (Google Play), although as we mentioned at the beginning, it is only compatible with those Mercedes vehicles that have the Mercedes me Connect module (or the adapter, mainly compatible with cars manufactured since 2002).