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Bethesda announces full availability of The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls Blades is the new arrival of the famous studio of Bethesda video games. After those raids with a first call Fallout Shelter, we bring this action game in first person in which we have to use gestures to attack all those enemies that await us in the universe created by Bethesda.

And although he has taken his criticism, to tell the truth we are facing a different game to those we can find in the Google Play Store. Logically there is a great distance with Skyrim, but this is not why the criticism is due, but because of that freemium that in the first versions got players to accumulate trunks without being able to open them, unless they waited for hours.

Now we can say that The Elder Scrolls Blades is available to everyone upon exiting the beta and become available from the Google Play Store. All you will need is to use a Bethesda account to access the game. And since they are free, you will have no problem getting into this medieval adventure with a lot of fantasy.


The Elder Scrolls Blades puts us before the situation of create our own hero and get closer to our city That has been demolished. We must rebuild it and live exciting adventures in the dungeons to get into the great story that awaits us.

A The Elder Scrolls Blades that we already went through our review a few weeks ago and that surely he will conquer the diehard fans of this saga of RPGs and those looking for something different from what we usually find in these parts on Android. A very well done RPG, although dedicated to the freemium. A fact that can take back those who seek to follow the gaming experience that Skyrim gives on consoles and PCs.

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