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Become an elite Fallout 76 user spending $ 12 a month on Fallout 1st

The good people of Bethesda have introduced a new premium service plan for enthusiastic Fallout 76 players. Fallout 1st is the name of the monthly subscription that gives users a complete list of excellent features, among which are the ability to create and play in private worlds.

It is possible that he has already forgotten about Fallout 76 last year, and we didn't exactly blame him. The game created an incredible amount of publicity before its launch because it was the first time that players could experience Bethesda's nuclear apocalypse feature along with and against other players. Unfortunately, the final product was well below expectations and Fallout 76 became a theme for memes. A real shame, because with enough changes and improvements, the game could easily become what the fans wanted it to be in the first place. Bethesda also recognized it quickly and promised to make significant changes according to the comments of the players. A great movement to recover hearts.

However, today's Fallout 1st announcement is rapidly changing the sentiment, as it is being received as a cash hoarding among Internet users. Premium subscription is anything but cheap with an initial price of $ 12 a month or $ 99 a year. When you consider how many games can be played by investing that money instead of Xbox Game Pass and the like, the features it offers become even less exciting. This is what Fallout 1st is offering.

These are all excellent features, especially private worlds, but the sale price may very badly deplete the deal for a large number of players.

Bethesda's moment could not have come at a worse time too. With Obsidian's spiritual successor coming out in just two days and already ravaging game discussions with keen enthusiasts, the Fallout brand is surely getting the toughest competition in a long time.