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Android Oreo reaches the basic range with the Alcatel 1T7 and 1T10


Android Oreo reaches the basic range with the Alcatel 1T7 and 1T10

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February 26, 2018

The protagonist in this beginning of MWC 2018 with respect to tablets it has certainly been the MediaPad M5, but it is also worth mentioning the Alcatel 1Q7 and 1Q10, two tablets that surely will end up making a gap between the most popular cheap tablets and that they have at least one fairly important claims to get our attention: Android Oreo.

Alcatel 1Q7

We start with the smallest of the two, which will also be the cheapest, logically. In general, nothing we find in the Alcatel 1Q7 It goes too far from what the reference tablets of less than 100 euros offer us, but this should not be taken as a criticism (it is difficult to offer more with these prices), but as something positive rather, since it meets the minimum .

This means that we have a 7-inch screen that stays one step behind the HD (1024 x 600), one of the most modest processors of Mediatek (MT8321), 1 GB of RAM and cameras 2 MP the main and of 0.3 MP the front We must say in his favor, in fact, that instead of 8 GB, he will offer us 16 GB of storage, which is something unusual. To this we must add, of course, that comes with Android Oreo, as we anticipated.

The most interesting part, of course, is the price: Alcatel has announced that it will be sold in Europe for only 70 euros, which puts it directly in the price range of the Fire 7. We will have to wait a bit to be able to take it, yes, because it will not be put on sale until spring (for the moment we do not have a more specific date) .

Alcatel 1Q10

The Alcatel 1T10 is not only a version of the previous one with a larger screen, but at some point it improves the technical specifications of the previous one. Where it is most noticeable is in the resolution, which here is already HD (1280 x 800). It will not be something that most will notice so much but it should be noted that also its front camera is superior, reaching 2 MP.

If in the multimedia section the Alcatel 1Q10 receives a small push of technical specifications, in the performance one there is no notable change: the processor is also the Mediatek MT8321 and the RAM also stays in 1 GB, which is perhaps the data that is less attractive. The storage capacity is also of 16 GB and it will also allow us to enjoy Android Oreo.

Logically, the price rises appreciably compared to the 7-inch model, but for 100 euros, as announced, it is still a very affordable option in relation to its technical specifications and, considering how difficult it is to find a trusted 10-inch tablet in this section, it is worth taking note that it will be put to the sale also in spring (especially for Android fans who like to have devices as up-to-date as possible).