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Amazon is canceling orders from Google Nexus 6 Because yes!

Google-Nexus-6-not-fonund (1)

The news of the day seems to be taken by Amazon with the distribution of Nexus 6. And it has not occurred to them other than to cancel orders for a supposed lack of stock

It seems that some users have disappeared the order that represents the purchase of the expected Google Nexus 6.The reasons?

"We have canceled your order because our suppliers have not been able to supply the products you want."

This is roughly what Amazon explains to you in an email when you ask for explanations about your order. Not all users have their order canceled, but when they enter ?my orders? and click on the link, VOIL! does not exist.

Guys, personally, this seems to me like a huge fall from Amazon. I am not sure if it is a mistake with the price or with the exclusivity that Google does not want to give it. But what is clear is that they are trying to remedy it in the worst possible way.

In which head enters, that you can distribute a product before the official company and above at a much lower price. Well, in the ma no caba, and look …

Apparently all users who have been canceled the order have also been told that they will keep the price once they have thestock.I do not believe this, but we must see it.

At the moment we do not know much more, only that someone has screwed up and much within Amazon. Stay tuned to the web, because surely tomorrow we will have fresh news that the hell is happening with the Nexus 6.

Are you one of those affected? What do you think has been Amazon's fault?