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Amazon Counter allows you to pick up packages in Rite Aid

Amazon is launching another way for you to pick up an order. It is called Accountant and allows local retailers to store and deliver your order at the counter.

It would be right to think

That Amazon already has collections of retail stores covered simply with the installation of Amazon Locker, but there is a problem with the lockers: not all stores have space to install them.

To solve this, Amazon launched Counter, which eliminates the locker system and allows retailers to securely store their order in whatever storage space they have available.

As reported by Reuters

Picking up an order using the Accountant system requires a barcode to be displayed to a store staff member. Your Amazon box can be retrieved and delivered without further interaction needed.

Amazon Counter is new in the United States, but it is not a new collection service. It was first launched in the United Kingdom and Italy, but Amazon also saw a niche in the US. UU. For now, Counter will be available at 100 Rite Aid pharmacies, but Rite Aid intends to increase that to 1,500 stores before the end of 2019.

According to Patrick Supanc

Amazon Hub global director, Counter is expected to ?become an extensive network? and work for retailers because Amazon's order collection increases pedestrian traffic in stores and, therefore, the possibility of customers Buy something while they are there. Amazon and Rite Aid do not share retail data, and there are currently no details on whether Amazon is paying for Rite Aid to store and handle their orders.

Amazon is very interested in getting other retailers to join in order to offer counter pads in the US. UU. As soon as possible.