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After Photoshop, Adobe works on a version of Illustrator for iPad to arrive in 2020


In the middle of this year we learned that Adobe had directed its Photoshop project towards the beta phase and all the rumors suggest that the final version of the app will arrive at the end of this year.

And while we wait for the new Photoshop for iPad, it seems that the company is also working on the development of a very complete version of Illustrator. Of course, this application will arrive in 2020.

Adobe has chosen Illustrator to make a leap in quality on mobile platforms, the Californian firm offering a demonstration on how to run the Illustrator application for iPad at its Max conference. A conference to be held during the month of November.

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Adobe strives to succeed in the mobile industry

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<p>Adobe has also recently launched other iPad apps like iOS App Store <strong>Cool</strong> Y <strong>Premiere Rush</strong>, but these are two applications that do not have as many functions as the Photoshop and Illustrator versions for the signature tablet of the bitten apple logo will have.</p>
<p>An Adobe representative claimed that Illustrator arrive at <strong>2020</strong>, but I was not authorized to share more details:</p>
<p>"We have nothing new to share on this occasion."</p>
<p>The new Adobe applications not only reflect Adobe's commitment to becoming the company it once was, but they are also a clear example of how Apple wants to position its iPad as a replacement for computers. Apple wants to stay in a leading position, while Adobe's mission is to regain the trust of professionals in the creativity software sector.</p>
<p>As pointed out from Bloomberg, Steve Jobs criticized Adobe a lot, but over the past few years the relationship between Apple and Adobe is much more cordial and fruitful.</p>