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Adobe Premiere Rush now available for the Galaxy S10, S9 and Note 9

Adobe Premiere Rush is a new application that we were looking forward to on our Android phones and it was launched on iOS, Mac and PC eight months ago, just in October last year.

Adobe indicates that this app has been launched with the premise of obtaining professional results in a simple way and easy, so that anyone, with a little care and intention, can share amazing videos on social networks from your mobile.

Generating quality video content

I mean, that Premiere Rush, being a free app, although limited, allows us from our mobile to have some of the tools that we miss from the full version for PCs and that is known by Adobe Premiere. So with Premiere Rush you can edit video, add text and even video transitions to create high quality videos from your mobile screen.

We are talking about one of the most popular video editing apps in the iOS store, so it is quite an arrival to have it on our Android mobile from the same day. Adobe has released it for free, though limited to 3 exports. After this limit you will have to go through the Creative Cloud payment subscription which means the payment of € 9.99 per month.

A limit of 3 exports that can be useful to test the app in situ and check if everything that gives us really suits us for the payment of that subscription to be able to make unlimited exports. It is not something rare that happens with Adobe apps, since it is not the only one to go through the box to enjoy all its advantages as with Adobe Lightroom.

Everything Adobe Premiere Rush gives us

As video is the multimedia content of fashion, Adobe Premiere Rush can be more than an interesting one to not need even a computer to perform simple video editing tasks. We talked about what we can add video transitions, cut clips, add sound, record video from the app itself and even access a series of filters with which to put the note to those videos that you are going to publish on your favorite social networks.


Everything is done with an interface designed perfectly for interaction from a smartphone and with a ease that generates an ease when adding video, cutting a clip or adding that text with different sources and presets by default. The truth is that it is fun to play with Adobe Premiere Rush and get us to start thinking that it is worth paying for it. Luckily we can use 3 exports to try.


And in fact, you will have a series of video clips loaded by default, the installation is more than 400 megabytes … With them you can see how easy it is to edit a video to have a whole tool on our mobile. We review all its features:

  • Integrated camera to record videos of superior quality.
  • Drag and drop the material from the video collection in a simple way.
  • Cut videos, adjust audio, improve color, add titles, transitions, voice overlays.
  • Multitrack video timeline with 4 in total for video and 3 tracks for audio.
  • Integrated templates.
  • More of 100 animated graphics templates.
  • Use Adobe Sensei AI to balance the sound, clean it and adjust it automatically.
  • Resize and video orientation.
  • Add a thumbnail image.
  • Program posts on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Adobe Premiere Rush currently remains exclusively for the Galaxy S9, S10 and Note 9 and Samsung is expected to pass it to other terminals soon. A high quality video editor to create and edit videos from any site without the need to have a computer. A breakthrough for Android and that you have available from today.

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