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64 Mpx photos with a smartphone? That's what Nokia 9 aspires to

The avalanche of presentations that are coming to us this month will be of epic proportions. To brands we already expected such as LG, Sony or Samsung have been added later others such as Xiaomi or Nokia, all within four days.

In the last hours we have learned a lot about Nokia 9, the terminal that will presumably present HMD at the MWC in Barcelona. What we didn't know was how his spectacular camera with five rear sensors would work, from which new data has been leaked.

Wide angle, zoom and much more

The latest leaked information suggests that the Nokia 5 camera system will allow you to make images with optical zoom, with a wide angle and will have a built-in ToF sensor. Of course, behind, not in front.

It is clear that the Nokia 9 will be the king of versatility when it comes to photography but it will be necessary to check if it is up to the image quality.

64 Mpx photos?

Another of the relevant data is that Nokia is working with the company Light, which allows multiple sensors to be used to create an image of a much larger size and quality using computational photography. The Nokia 9 sensors would be two of 12 Mpx, two of 16 Mpx and one of 8 Mpx.

It remains to be seen if the software used is capable of combining all that to create a kind of virtual 64 Mpx sensor as the rumors indicate. Light's software is capable, according to the company, of combining up to 50 images with 1000 capable of depth.

In addition, these images would see their dynamic range, detail, blur and other parameters improved by having multiple input paths by using multiple sensors.

On the 24th we will leave doubts since that will be the day of the presentation of the new Nokia 9.