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18 years ago Steve Jobs presented the iPod and puts 1000 songs in our pocket

original ipod

Today is an important day in Apple's history since it was just 18 years ago Steve Jobs presented the device that forever changed the company's history: the iPod. A device that literally puts 1000 songs in your pocket, which may now seem little but at that time it was more than many could imagine.

The iPod was the device that changed Apple's story and started the road to innovation away from computers. Up to that point Apple alive to sell Macs, but after its launch a little golden began, both for the devices presented and for the services.

IPod is 18 years old

Although Steve Jobs was the one who presented the iPod, there were many people behind working. One of the most important people was Tony Fadell who oversees all hardware development. Phil Schiller It was also of great importance since it was the person who came up with the idea of ??a scroll wheel to navigate the song list as well as the chief hardware engineer at Apple, Jon Rubinstein.

The little white iPod cost 399 dollars at the time, had a 5GB capacity hard disk and a small monochrome screen. The battery held 10 hours of continuous playback and you could connect it to a computer and charge it through a FireWire port.

The iPod was much more than a device, toyud to the iTunes Store song store became the most important digital music store raising Apple's profits and evolving to what is now Apple Music. However, not everyone agreed at the time.

All that exaggeration for an MP3 player? Innovative digital device? The "Field of Distortion of Reality" is beginning to distort Steve's mind if he thinks for a second that this is going to take off "

Do you hear these statements? They are similar to those we heard at the time with other devices such as the iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Apple sold in the first 6 years 100 million iPods and there is no one who doubts its importance in the history of Apple.

iPod jobs

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Now him iPhone has become the best selling iPod, the classic white headphones have now been transformed into the AirPods and Apple Music is our music library. Although the iPod touch is the only iPod that Apple now maintains in the catalog, it is still an important part of Apple's DNA.