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Why we prefer a terminal with Android to iOS

Android or iOS

It is time to buy a phone and the question arises for many buyers of which model to choose, but not only among the Android catalog, but the doubt arises when choosing between operating systems in many cases.

Android, IOS, Windows Phone … are the ones that dominate the cake at the moment, but it is especially the first two that attract the largest number of users and we will focus on this article, more exactly why we prefer a terminal with Android to iOS, always starting from the base that is a subjective opinion and that therefore each one can manifest or not his disagreement.

It is or was, we must speak with property, one of the fundamental factors when leaving iOS aside and that is that while an iPhone or an iPad start from higher prices that are very slowly devalued and they remain in time, the Android catalog is more diverse in that aspect.

Having said that, we must recognize that the price is not essential when we choose a high-end terminal, so that we have similar benefits in both systems.

Here the economic differences are minimal, seeing how a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes out for 749 euros, a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge for 899 and the iPhone range for example part of 699 euros. As we see the price does not seem to be fundamental but we must assess that not everyone is looking for a high-end terminal and that in Android prices fall rapidly.

Little to say in this section. Only one model, two with the last renovation but basically the same. Faced with this limitation, a huge catalog of models of all kinds, price, features, for all types of users and pockets. Little to say to counteract it.

I have a week with an iPhone 6 of Your Geek Moment in the hands equipped with iOS 8 and what to say. It's a delight, pure fluency, good construction, but … where are my options?

I was not using iOS since iOS version 6 and I have checked how it remainsa closed operating system where all the steps are marked and we do not allow freedom to do whatever you want?

That'siOS, a system that works like a charm but in which the user has a very reduced maneuverability, at least as long as he doesn't use the Jailbreak. In Android however we can, despite the determination of some manufacturers, change the radio, usekernelEnhanced, custom ROMs and everything at your fingertips with a large community behind.

In addition to Android we have an immense advantage, it is referred to applications. There is a myth that says the App Store offers quality rather than quantity, debatable in part, as it is true that they are at least more optimized for tablets, although there is garbage on both platforms. But neverthelessGoogle Play offers a great advantage and we can buy an application and if we do not like to return it, while in the App Store we bought it and if then it is not what we expected or it does not satisfy us we have lost the money.

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<p style=Besides that small privilege that is the integration of all applications in Android … click on share and find as options, Dropbox, Drive, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Wuala, Box, Linkedin… a list in which the compatible applications that we are installing appear.

These days pstealing the iPhone 6, fantastic terminal, everything must be said, I have found myself handcuffed, without that freedom that I love and for which I prefer to sacrifice some fluidity.