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WhatsApp in the beta does not allow to save the contact profile image

WhatsApp beta

WhatsApp no ??longer allows saving profile photos of contacts. That is, we opened the photo of a contact and could save it. Don't even try it because he doesn't leave it. It is one of those characteristics that are born to protect the privacy of all those who allow to see their profile photos if we have them in contact.

It is in the beta that you can find that the specific button is no longer found to access that function to download the photo. Logically everything is given by that desire to protect the privacy of the hundreds of millions of users who use this app to start conversations, chat and much more …

It is in the Android and iOS beta where users who have downloaded it have verified that the profile image download function no longer exists from the three vertical dots button. In other words, that button disappears, eliminating the possibility of downloading a contact's profile picture.

Profile picture

The funny thing is that it is still allowed take a screenshot, so you will try to take the capture when you try and cannot download the image. Yes you will be able to do it; but who knows how long it will take WhatsApp to eliminate this option from our phones that logically is similar to the function we had in the menu.

WhatsApp has not come to the fore to talk about this change, but that has added other small improvements such as viewing the number of photos or images or files that we can have in a folder. Everything will be a matter of waiting for the final version to prove the impossibility of downloading an image.

So you know, don't even try, because you will not be able to save the profile photos of WhatsApp contacts. A way to continue protecting the privacy of people who use this well-known chat app; and soon with ads …

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