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What you'll find at the COD Mobile Halloween event

cod mobile halloween

Halloween is getting closer and COD Mobile is quite clear. For this reason, the popular shooting game celebrate big this fun date. And this time, we will tell you everything you will find in the COD Mobile Halloween event.

If you are one of those people who are currently hooked with COD Mobile, then love this Halloween event that will be available until November 25. Keep reading to discover every detail!

All the news of the Halloween event in COD Mobile

Free reward for logging in

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Just by logging into the game during this event, Receive a free Artic. 50 sniper rifle decorated with Bat CamoWithout a doubt, it is a good reason to start playing Call Of Duty: Mobile during these dates.

Spooky decorations

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Standoff, one of the most popular maps of the game, is already decorated for Halloween. For a limited time, you can experience clashes in the middle of the night, walking the streets full of lanterns and creepy orange lights.

Pumpkin Identification Collection

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During the event, the operators they will drop their pumpkin identification cards, which can be collected to earn special rewards. Get as many as you can and get Halloween-themed customization rewards, such as a parachute with bat camouflage for the Battle Royale.

Halloween customization items

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Throughout the event, the store, Lucky Draw and more will have Halloween-themed customization elements. These range from a new soldier up to sweet or trick masks and more weapons that have been cursed with the Zombie Gene camouflage.

Welcome the gorrin

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Directly from the Outrider weapons hiding place, Gorrin comes to Call of Duty: Mobile as a new multiplayer operator skill. If you played Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 or 4, you will surely remember the Gorrin. In case you didn't know, it's about a bow and arrows with explosive charges. Aim at the enemy targets and be careful with splash damage!

As you could see, Call of Duty: Mobile celebrate Halloween in a big way. You already know that you have until November 25 to enter and enjoy all the news. And you, What caught your attention the most?