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What we gain and what we lose with the restoration


Android: What we gain and what we lose with the restoration

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January 27, 2016

android 5.0 interface

When we talk about Android, we mean a giant who in a decade or so has managed to reach hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. An endorsement of this statement is found in its figures: More than 1 billion devices equipped with this operating system, 6 large versions and a catalog of more than one million applications of all styles and genres that result in a quota of market of more than 90% of the software of the green robot, and that expands with around 400,000 new activations every day but that nevertheless, are far from the maximum reached in 2013, with about 900,000.

In aspects such as user security and privacy, this interface, which is currently owned by Google, Android It has suffered several important attacks that have compromised its prestige and credibility in users, such as the one that took place in summer 2015 and that we have already remembered on other occasions, which was about to affect more than 900 million terminals. However, the vulnerabilities In this sense, they are not the only obstacles that users face when using their tablets and smartphones since sometimes, whether due to theft or other causes, we are forced to restore completely the devices eliminating everything previously existing in them. Here we comment the advantages and disadvantages at the time of restore factory settings of this operating system when there is no choice but to resort to this action.

android 6.0 screen

What is restoration and when should it be done?

This action is not something that should be done lightly since the restoration involves the return of the device to its original state after the time of purchase. It consists of one complete removal of all the contents, apps and tools that are not installed as standard in our terminals. An important aspect to take into account is the fact that if at the time of formatting, there is an inserted Micro SD card, it will also be deleted. The most advisable thing is that the readjustment of the factory components be performed when the terminal has been Stolen or when the Loss of performance It is such that it is impossible to execute several tasks simultaneously or when the device is infected with some virus or malicious software.

Advantages to consider

The restoration has its positive aspects. On the one hand, clean the terminal of all those unwanted contents and that were present in our terminals without knowing it. Second, it can be a very interesting option for improve performance and return to a good execution speed similar to the one when the tablet or smartphone was purchased. Finally, it can be a good remedy to other problems such as unexpected closure of tasks and applications, the cessation of operation of components such as cameras or the occurrence of errors quite frequently.

android cache

The inconveniences

The negative aspect that can have the most impact when restoring the serial settings is the fact, as we mentioned before, that lose all content stored from photographs, songs and videos to personal information and passwords. The most recommended if we have no other option but to restore our devices, is to perform a backup copy that we store in another support to be able to transfer it again whenever we want. However, this action must be carried out calmly and it is convenient to make a new cleaning of them, since among the elements that we conserve we can once again have harmful objects that can have repercussions, and for worse, once again, in the correct functioning of the terminals

The results

There are some widespread myths about restoration. The most prominent are related to the version of the operating system that remains after it is carried out and the presence of viruses. In the case of the first, as an example, if our device is equipped with Android 5.0, after adjustment, will continue to keep it. On the other hand, if we have been attacked with some kind of malware or harmful software, once we have done this task, The support will be totally clean.

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