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We show you how to remove a virus on an Android device

Do you know how to remove a virus on an Android device? Although these devices are currently more modern, they have a greater number of useful tools and are more intelligent, they do not escape the sad reality of being victims of some virus that is hidden inside an application. Fortunately, if you get infected and still turn on, there are several options to save your phone.

We show you step by step how to remove a virus on an Android device and what alternatives you should use to prevent it from happening again.

Step 1

Turn off the device until you discover the details

how to remove a virus on an Android deviceTeroVesalainen on Pixabay

Once you are sure that your phone is being attacked by some type of malware, you should press and hold the phone's on and off button.

With this, it is not that you are going to prevent the virus or malware from causing more damage, but you can prevent the problem from getting worse and you can stop any attempt to access the nearest networks.

In addition, you have time to think and investigate. Do you know the application infected with malware? Do you know what other types of software may have been downloaded without your consent?

If not, access another computer and look for symptoms (such as the new applications you tried) to reduce the problem. If you cannot find the infected application, you cannot eliminate it and the problem persists.

Also, anti-malware applications can help identify which app is causing problems and some may even remove infected software.

However, it also gives your phone access to the Internet again, which implies some risk.

Step 2

Switch to Safe or Emergency Mode while working

When you turn on the device again, switch to safe mode first. This will help limit the damage that the infected application has done or can do.

In most Android devices, you can switch to safe mode by pressing and holding the power button for a couple of seconds once the device is on.

In this way, the option appears in safe mode, emergency mode or similar words. Choose this mode and wait for the phone to restart before continuing.

Note: If you can't find out what is causing your malware problem, even after downloading a security application, ask a professional for help and you should clean your phone. This is undoubtedly the best strategy.

Step 3

Go to Settings and find the application

Visit the Settings section on your Android device.

The settings usually have a cone shaped gear, but that sometimes depends on the phone.