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"Ultra Game Boy", the new Hyperkin bet for 2018

For many, the video game they are a way of life, for others they are very common pastime, while some have them as a beautiful memory and it is something that we like to play again when we have the opportunity, Nintendo probably from this premise, it has been given the task of bringing back to life its old but always successful consoles, starting with the NES Classic Edition call Nintendo Classic Mini in 2016, followed by one much loved by many the Nintendo SNES Classic Mini or as many will know the famous «sper Nintendo»Which came out most recently at the end of 2017, both causing great excitement since although they are not designed to read our old cartridges, each one is loaded with its specific lists with several of the most emblematic games of each one, with the possibility of saving, HDMI connection and their respective connectors and controls, leaving us with the great expectation of whether we can soon get a Mini N64 or a Mini GameCube, clarifying clearly that at least to Mexico, although they have arrived, the number of units is limited, so you have to be really aware of them and the departure dates if you want to be among the first and not have to wait for the Second wave of consoles.

But as we know Nintendo is not only known for its home consoles, but much of its success has also been for its portable consoles, if you are a Nintendo fan and you were lucky to have a Game boy You know what I'm talking about, and it is precisely this jewel of the laptops that makes its return, on October 11 of last year we told you that maybe Nintendo was preparing to take out its new version of this console, and although we managed to return, at the moment it does it but not from the hand of Nintendo like the mini ones mentioned above or in our 2017 note; this time is a company called Hyperkin (it probably sounds to you from our note on the smartboy from the middle of last year) which was given the task of removing this little one from the bal of memories and renaming him as «Ultra Game Boy», which, although still in development, was presented in Las Vegas, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Ces. In past days of this year, and how could it be different, it is updated to our times, with the needy lighting setting of the game screen, with adjustment in the color range RGB, rechargeable battery goes USB port with an approximate duration of 6 hours, and a nice classic design but of aluminum, only unlike the mini ones in this if you can introduce your old cartridges (otherwise you will not be able to play with it since it does not bring games included), so if you still have a game saved there, you can relive it soon and you will not be stressed anymore because it is night and still with the light of the room you find it hard to see the screen, or you see that the battery is running out and you have to run around the house looking for some batteries.

For many this was very well received, since although they have managed to take care and maintain their cartridges, the use and the passage of time have wreaked havoc with the console, and if you are lucky enough that your games still work and save games (and if we talk about original cartridges) you would like to play your old games for a while, although others criticize the fact that the console does not bring the Nintendo house stamp, and although we cannot expect the quality that Nintendo has always offered, this seems to be an important and interesting bet of Hyperkin, who hope to offer its console in less than $ 100 dollars apart from all its improvements from summer of 2018, although for Mexico it can only possibly be achieved Internet is going.

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