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Stickman Bike Battle takes you to online multiplayer games mounted on a bike

Stickman Bike Battle is another new game for Android in which we have those stickman as the main protagonists. This time riding a bike so that one of them is us and against which we compete on our bike another player.

We talk about being an online multiplayer in which to duel against other players in 1v1 modes or against three other players. A new title that stands out for its quality in 3D and in the handling of a bike with which we will make great leaps in ground circuits to motocross.

Take your bike and dominate the terrain

Stickman Bike Battle allows us, from a well-worked view and that gives the right vision to face the jumps, ride a BMX bike to enjoy a great series of circuits through the mountain. Not only this, but apart from those 1v1 duels, we can repeat as many times as we want to practice circuits to get our bike.


The handling of it is quite simple and is based on a control stick that allows us to take the direction and what would be a button to jump and another to lean on the bike and thus not jump too much. So in a matter of minutes, and following the tutorial, we can get our BMX bike to start multiplayer games that is where the funniest part of this game called Stickman Bike Battle.


So we will also get new bicycles, to improve them with the money we get after playing in practice circuits and in 1v1 competitions against other players. That is, you will have to work to get the best bikes against boss battles, clans and other extra levels that add many fun moments in this game.

Different multiplayer game modes

In Stickman Bike Battle we will have the possibility to play against another player or enter races that we will play with three other players. There is also a lack of challenge races and those final bosses that will challenge us to get the best out of us riding our bike.

Stickman Bike Battle

If we talk about the different terrains, go preparing to mountain, snow and beach. We will have a total of 30 different levels and 23 characters to unlock and thus pass it pipe with a game in which the stickman is the main protagonist; by the way, the studio creator of Stickman Bike Battle is already tanned in using this character in different games.

As for bicycles, you have 20 different with different skills that we leave you in the mystery so that you yourselves will discover them. And in a game where there is online multiplayer, there is no shortage of the leader board by rank, daily and weekly …

Stickman Bike Battle to play offline and with control

The developers of Stickman Bike Battle have not left anything in the inkwell and we can even play it offline or offline It also offers support for controllers and Android TV / Nvidia Shield. So nothing is missing from this game based on a stickman with which you can compete with players from any part of the planet.


Technically it's pretty good and gives the feeling of riding a bicycle with everything that entails. The jumps are easily given with one press and we only have to pay attention to use the different skills at certain times. To highlight 3D with some circuits designed by hand so that we go through all types of terrain.