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Spotify allow sharing music with groups of friends

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<p><strong>Spotify has been working on news for the Android application for a few months</strong>. Recently we knew that they do tests with voice recognition, in addition to having introduced the new timer these days. But the popular Swedish streaming application does not rest and work on new functions. The new feature that will arrive is to share and play music instantly with groups of friends.</p>
<p>Through this new feature in the app, users will be able to <strong>share music that you are listening to on Spotify</strong> with friends. While they continue to listen to it at the same time, or allow members of that group to also take control. The first tests are underway.</p><div class=

The idea of ??the application is to be able to make groups of friends in the app, where each member of that group is allowed to access the playlist, add songs or change some in that list. Spotify names this new function Social Listening, and it is already working on its implementation worldwide.


Although we currently have no information on possible dates to be introduced This function in the Android application. In the photo we can see the first screenshots of this function, which give us an idea about the way in which it will work on the phone.

In the section of devices available on Spotify we will find an option called Connect with friends, which is what we can use to share this music with groups of friends in the application. Without a doubt, a way to share music that you like with your friends in a simple way.

We hope to hear from you soon. on the date on which this function will arrive to the application. Spotify has not confirmed anything for now, all we know is through various sources. So we hope that it is the Swedish firm that gives us more clues shortly about this feature. What do you think about the function?

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