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Space-based games, fun in the clouds

The space race has returned and with it the madness for a phenomenon that seemed distant in time. But thanks to the persistence of people like Elon Musk, in addition to its small eccentricities like sending a Tesla Roadster into space. The rockets are in fashion again.

Taking advantage of this rejuvenation and the expectation that it generates around, we bring you a selection of games set in space. There are all types and for all players, so … 3, 2, 1 Let's get started!

Games set in space

Real-time strategy games, resource management and space action. The range of options that exist is quite varied about gender and this is only a selection. The galactic theme always attracted the attention of the public and in recent times even more.

1space shooter

1space shooter

Fun 3-minute games, in which we will face other users or bots. That is the basis on which this action-packed game, spaceships and a single purpose is based, being the number one in the universe.

Battlevoid: Sector Siege

Multiplatform game strategy in real time, full of action. Wrapped in a retro style, in addition to having random elements that make each game a new experience. Manage, evolve, fight to protect humanity. Space Arena

We are in a galaxy full of asteroids and players that will continuously challenge us. We must evolve our ship, collect crystals and go up in the ranking to be number one. Disputed online struggles to be the leader of the galaxy.

Rocket sling

More than 20 levels, that is the basis of this game in which we will enjoy total freedom. We have no goal to achieve, we just have to travel the galaxy and win the games using our own style.

Starlost – Space Shooter

If you like action-packed games, with RPG dyes along with tower defense dyes, you're in luck. Starlost combines these ingredients in a recipe that is seasoned with 3D graphics, in an epic galactic story.