Algunos usuarios de la nueva Nexus 7 reportan fallos en el GPS y en el soporte Multi-Táctil

Some users of the new Nexus 7 report failures in GPS and Multi-Touch support

It seems that the journey of the Nexus 7 2013 since its launch is not a path of roses. First it was learned that the tablet was not compatible with Google Wallet. Then came the non-publication of factory images by Qualcomm processor drivers in the AOSP project what caused the resignation of the maximum person in charge, although shortly after Google published the images of factory and the binaries that were missing in the web of AOSP.

And now we get more bad news from the Google product forums. Some users report problems with GPS of the new 7-inch model manufactured by ASUS. Apparently, GPS works correctly for 5 or 10 minutes and then fails. Sometimes, restarting the device this problem is fixed, sometimes not. Some users have managed to “patch it” or fix it using other GPS control applications from Google Play, but many others still cannot find the solution.

It seems that eThe fault is due to a hardware problem Some terminals and presumably may be replaced by another at no cost.

And, as if that were not enough, other users of the Nexus 7 2013 are finding problems with Multi-touch screen support of the tablet. This fault is noticeable when you simultaneously touch the screen in more than one place or when you press quickly, such as when using the keyboard. Users report that when they type a random letter, it is duplicated in the writing field, revealing this fault.

In this case, it seems that This is a software problem, since it does not occur with the first firmware versions of the deviceHowever, when updating this problem has appeared, although, as I say, only for some users.

It is possible to say, that Google is aware of both bugs in your most recent flagship product (leaving ChromeCast aside) and is working on a solution. If not, in any case, Google allows device change If you have any of the two failures mentioned.

Bad news for some of the lucky holders of the Nexus 7. Hopefully these problems will be solved for their departure in Europe next day 28. And you, what do you think? Are you still interested in buying it?

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