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Samsung corrects vulnerability of the Galaxy S10 fingerprint reader »ERdC

Samsung corrects vulnerability of the Galaxy S10 fingerprint reader

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Last week a story emerged that The Galaxy S10 can be unlocked with an unregistered fingerprint when a low-cost screen saver is attached. Apparently, the problem also affected the Galaxy Note 10 series because they use the same ultrasonic technology.

Samsung promised to send a solution for the problem soon and that is already happening. The update is said to arrive first at the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 units in South Korea. A global deployment is expected to happen very soon.

The ultrasonic fingerprint scanner used by Samsung sends ultrasound to detect 3D fingerprint maps to recognize users. Samsung explained the problem that arose by pointing out that the ultrasonic fingerprint was ?erroneously recognizing the three-dimensional patterns that appear in certain cases of silicone screen protection as user fingerprints".

The discovery of the fault in the fingerprint reader of the Galaxy S10

The software flaw was first reported by a British woman whose Galaxy S10 unit was successfully unlocked by her husband's fingerprint after placing a cheap screen protector on the device. The woman had bought a 2.70 lb gel screen protector on eBay, and then placed not that his left fingerprint, which was not registered, could also unlock the phone. Her husband's two thumbs can also unlock the phone. The same scenario was developed when the screen saver is added to another relative's Galaxy S10.

Upon discovering this problem, various bank payment platforms removed their support from these terminals. This can result in something annoying and directly affect All your users.

The Galaxy S10 was launched in March this year and became the company's first phone in offering an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor was promoted as a piece of "revolutionary" technology. But the fingerprint authentication feature has been the most controversial feature on board the device.

In January of this year, before the Galaxy S10 became official, the American accessory manufacturer Armadillotek I had hinted that the device had been tested with a screen protector and that the fingerprint sensor did not work. It is said that the screen protector leaves a small air gap that interferes with the scan. This is probably different since the cheap screen saver was able to unlock it, which means it is scanned.


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