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Relax playing this colorful and quiet puzzle game

A puzzle game is always a good fun, especially in those little leisure time we can have throughout the day. If we also add some colotherapy to the recipe, the experience can be tremendously relaxing.

The proposal that we bring you today, a puzzle game, in which the total protagonist is color. That is the basis of I love Hue, we must order the color scales in the smallest number of movements, all in a quiet way.

I love Hue

We are facing a really complete experience for the user. We are not facing a simple game in which to join pieces without more, since we must concentrate and observe even the smallest detail. The player will be involved in a kind of trip, a trip in which he will use almost all his senses.

Our protagonist has four main characteristics:

  • Color: We have to place each piece in its place within the color spectrum.
  • Harmony: Without harmony we can not reorder the chaos of colors.
  • Perception: Being pieces with such subtle differences, we must sharpen our visual perception.
  • Serenity: The union of colors and minimalist sounds, a perfect union.

The game is divided into different levels of difficulty, each full of challenges that will bring out the best in ourselves. As we solve different challenges, we will unlock new levels, which extends the gameplay in a fairly staggered way.

Relax playing this colorful puzzle game

Each challenge will be differentiated from the previous one by the color spectrum used, the number of blocked boxes that we will use as guides or the total size of the puzzle. The first games can be a bit overwhelming, when faced with such chaos.

Once some games have elapsed, we will realize that we begin to see very subtle details that will help us solve each challenge. And what at first seemed an impossible task, in a few minutes will discover a pleasant visual experience.

Relax playing this colorful puzzle game

During the game the user has the option to take screenshots of the game or restart it. This will come in handy in those cases where we have made too many movements and want to get a good score. Something necessary if we want to unlock new game modes.

Those users who are looking for a game to relax and disconnect for a few minutes, I love Hue It is a very important option. A free, minimalist game that does not need an internet connection to be enjoyed. What are you waiting for?