League of Fights Go

PvP fighting arrives in 2020

League of Fights Go

Since its arrival, Pokmon Go has revolutionized the genre of augmented reality games. It has even become one of the most successful mobile video games in history, for everything it has generated among its fans.

Its developers want to continue offering the best and that is why for the next year they will be adding to the game the new PvP mode to be known as League of Fights Go. So do not miss this article and discover what it is.

The League of Fights Go arrive in 2020

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Niantic has been planning to implement a PvP system in Pokemon GO for quite some time. But the wait is over, because although the new gameplay is not ready yet, Niantic confirmed that Online player battles will arrive in 2020. And so far, Pokmon GO players can only fight against other coaches locally. However, starting next year, an online PvP technique will be added that will face players regardless of their location.

The new PvP system will be called League of Fights Go and debut at the beginning of next year. Like many other features of the game, The Fighting League encourage players to explore the world with Pokmon. Players will have to walk to enter the league, then be able to face other players from around the world through an online pairing system.

What else do we know about the Go Fighting League?

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It is possible that like many things in Pokmon Go, players also have the option to pay to speed up the process. However, so far no other details have been revealed, so it is also not clear what rewards the winners will receive and whether or not to climb in the league leaderboard award some prize.

Niantic has said that more information about the Go Fighting League will be revealed as the launch approaches. So at the moment we can only be patient and wait for their arrival.

Source | Pokmon Go Live

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