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Nubia will be working on a mobile for gamers


Nubia, the subsidiary of ZTE, will be able to launch a phablet for gamers

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February 28, 2018

nubia phablet teaser

Mobile phones for gamers seem somewhat distant and with little prominence, however, over time we can find some bets in the smartphone format aimed at video game lovers. A few months ago we showed you a list of terminals that arrived before the Razer Phone, which we could consider as more representative of this category during 2017.

At MWC which will close in Barcelona tomorrow, a multitude of devices have appeared, essentially below 7 inches, which have tried to mark the master lines that support will follow during the first months of 2018. Among those models, terminals have appeared somewhat unexpectedly like the one Nubia would be preparing, the subsidiary of ZTE and of which some of its characteristics have already been revealed.

nubia phablet rear

Source: Movilzona


Our Movilzona colleagues have already echoed some of the most prominent features of this possible phablet, which is currently a mere prototype, from the point of view of design. It would have a series of rear fans that would help to cool the model. Remember that the execution of games is one of the functions that consumes the most resources and that can heat the terminals the most. To this, some cases that could remind us of mobile phones rugged. From Gizcmohina they assure that it would be a terminal with a great ratio between diagonal and body and in addition, it could come equipped with a command.

The new Nubia could have a great memory

At the moment, because it is an experimental model, many of the features of this device have not been confirmed. The only thing that has been confirmed, would come from the performance side. I would highlight your 8 GB RAM and its ability to initial storage of 128. It is also believed that the processor will be very powerful, something logical if we consider that it will be a terminal focused on players and more if we consider that to execute the latest titles of the catalogs with total fluidity, devices with very high performance may be necessary both in Image as in this area.

Do you think that in the field of devices for specific audiences there is still much to see in both the largest and most discrete media? The choice of this type of terminals by manufacturers could be an attractive claim for many firms in Will the short term or its reception be testimonial? We leave you available related information such as, for example, a brief analysis in which we ask if we are facing a stoppage of tablets for gamers.