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Now he works on a smartphone to compete with Samsung and Huawei

TikTok, social network app and video creation

For the creators of TikTok they want more. Much more. They do not have enough to have become a real alternative to Facebook or Instagram, making a dent in the social media market in record time. To this, we must add the fact that the company created by Bytedance is working on its own courier service. They even prepare a Spotify for China.

But, it seems that it is not enough. After launching their own WhatsApp, they are now working on a really ambitious project: they prepare a mobile phone. Yes, it seems that the company works on its own hardware with the idea that it arrives on the market with the main pre-installed TikTok related applications.

Tiktok exceeds one billion downloads

Would a TikTok phone succeed? Facebook tried and the play did not go very well

The idea of ??Bytedance is that, this enigmatic TikTok phone Arrive not only with your own instant messaging service, the well-known music social network and other company services. It would also arrive with the most successful products in Asia, such as Xigua Video or Toutiao, in addition to the most used apps in Europe, such as Top Buzz or News Republic.

Apparently, the next phone to launch TikTok the market would be clearly oriented towards the young public, so they would bet on an attractive product at a good price. The problem? That another social media giant tried the same idea and the result was catastrophic. And, if we take into account that the Facebook phone stayed in nothing, why would not the same happen to TikTok?

Well, for the market you intend to attack. The idea of Bytedance is to promote their product in Asia mainly, where they are becoming true fans of their services, so the idea of ??launching a TikTok phone, is also not so crazy.

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