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Netflix updates the list of HD and HDR compatible phones

Netflix is ??making headlines this year for its many new rates, with which they have been testing for months. A good example of this are the weekly subscriptions, designed to be able to comfortably watch the season of a new series. In addition, from time to time, the list of Android phones that are compatible with the playback of HD or HDR content on the streaming platform is updated.

This is the case now. The company has revealed the updated list of Android phones that have compatibility with the playback of content in HD or HDR on Android. So users with one of these phones can enjoy Netflix with the best image quality, if they see it from the phone.

The list of devices that can play content in HD or HDR has increased markedly over time. What initially began as a certification for very few phones, has been significantly expanded on Android. As usual, it is phones within the high range that obtain the aforementioned certification.