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Netflix: the challenges facing the king of streaming in the next three months

Netflix: the challenges facing the king of streaming in the next three months

A pioneer in the beginning, now the competition is increasingly fierce for Netflix with the arrival of services such as Disney +, HBO Max and Apple TV +

The famous and admired "king of
 high quality",
 , has built a juicy business with a value that amounts to US $ 125,000 million. And in the last three months sum 6.7 million new subscribers, increasing its total user base to 153 million worldwide.

But the next three months will be the most decisive in its history.

Soon, Netflix will be racing
Disney +,
HBO Max and
Apple TV +, all of them with a well-known brand and a strong desire to take their share of the streaming business.

Last Wednesday, Netflix wrote to its investors to tell them that having competition was going to be something positive. The rising tide of streaming services will simply tempt more people to get away from "linear television," as they defined it, and to use more streaming services.

"Just as there was an evolution from open television to cable television, these unique changes in a generation are very broad and open up new and great opportunities for many actors," the company told investors.

"For example, during the first decades of the cable, networks such as TBS, USA, ESPN, MTV and Discovery did not cover a large audience share per se, but collectively."

Netflix said its growth rate in the United States and Canada has been almost identical in the last six years, despite the fact that only one of those markets – the United States – has a significant competitor: Hulu (a service on demand from Disney).

That could be the case. However, Netflix's arguments refuse to address what may change as to what they will offer their subscribers in the coming years.

The Netflix catalog is in the process of being chosen, with competitors that recover programs and movies that they agreed to broadcast on Netflix at a time when they still did not have their own streaming product.

Missing series

Big hits like Great successes like "Stranger Things" have not boosted the growth of Netflix subscribers in their home country, United States

A high profile example, for example, has to do with the Friends series, which has been a great success for Netflix since it was added to its platform in 2015 and that in 2020 it moved to HBO.

In what was seen as an effort to counteract that loss, Netflix paid the astronomical figure of US $ 500 million to secure Seinfeld's rights.

Unlike Friends, Seinfeld has a much smaller international appeal and looks quite "burned" if we compare it with
Curb Your Enthusiasm, a kind of Seinfeld spin-off created by Larry David, and whose rights will have HBO Max exclusively.

But Friends and Curb Your Enthusiasm are just two examples.