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Minecraft reached 74 million active players in December

There are moments in the year that a game from nothing appears in the news and others, in which it seems that it will have been forgotten, and so it has happened withMinecraft, then during the last month, the month of December; is when the incredible figure of the74 million active players, which translates into a new record for the game, which indicates that it is more active and alive than ever before being able to compete with other major current games.

Among its competitors isPlayerunknow’s Battlegrounds(PUBG), which has been able to reach3 million form playerssimultaneous having 25 million copies sold on PC, while behind Fornite, which has achieved 40 million players since its inclusion in Battle Royale mode, however it has only obtained 2 million simultaneous players.

But of course you wonder what trick exist in this data becauseMicrosoft does not reveal when these players were from PC, because it could be considered as an unfair fight to a certain extent because Minecraft is found in almost all consoles and even in iOS and Android. On the other hand, PC PUBG and Xbox One players add up to 30 million total players, so in general terms, Minecraft is still the most played payment game in the world, while it has managed to sell144 million copiesacross the globe unifying their platforms, which places it in the second best-selling game in history just behind Tetris, which maintains some170 million copies sold.

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