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LOLITO goes to Facebook Gaming to make his live shows and confirms the other "streaming war"

LOLiTO Fdez is one of the streamers of the most important electronic sports in Spain and Latin America, with almost two million followers on Twitch and almost six million on YouTube, having grown tremendously thanks to the phenomenon of 'Fortnite'. Last night I made an announcement of impact on the sector of streamers, and is that as of today their live will be on Facebook Gaming, the Facebook video game broadcasting platform, launched last year.

Facebook Gaming has been making good bets with electronic sports, such as renewing with ESL, and With the incorporation of LOLITO they will try to make all the followers that they had on Twich and YouTube now follow their contents on this young platform.

Beyond the particular case of LOLITO, what this platform "jump" shows is that the "streaming war" between Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV + and Disney + is not the only one in which as users we are immersed. In the world of youtubers Y streamers of electronic sports another battle is taking place where the platforms are using all their resources to grow and compete.

This is the fight to have the best streamers on each platform


In the middle of summer, 'Ninja', one of the best-known streamers worldwide, announced that it was leaving Twitch to switch to Mixer, Microsoft's video streaming platform. The change, also in that case, occurred exclusively. That is to say, that from the transition the direct ones will only go in Mixer, that stands out for the easy integration with Xbox One and the gaming of PC in Windows 10. In just five days he reached a million followers In his new house.

One of the answers to that movement came recently, with the streamer Spanish David Cnovas, better known as'TheGrefg'. Until now it had moved on platforms like YouTube Gaming or Mixer, and announced that it was passed to Twitch, in what for him it was "A new age".

What these changes show is a frrea competition between platforms. Technically, being in one or the other offers advantages and disadvantages to users and streamers, but the reality is that moving as responds, like athletes, to economic reasons.

If Netflix, Apple or HBO are turning to names like Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese to produce content that fides in the face of the coming war, the broadcasting platforms are hiring stars in the electronic sports arena, which attract thousands of users to spend a lot of time on them. Above all, when making a transition for the public, it only means opening a new user account and installing an application.

So is Mixer, the Microsoft Twitch that has exclusively taken Ninja, the Fortnite superstar

For Amazon with Twitch, Microsoft with Mixer, Google with YouTube Gaming or Facebook with Facebook Gaming this is a new war to fight when they are still on time, before what happens in the dry video, where YouTube is a monopoly that if you escape you lose all visibility and business.

         LOLITO goes to Facebook Gaming to make his live shows and confirms the other "streaming war"


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