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Instagram launches a sticker to fight bullying

Instagram strives to be a social network with less aggressiveness than its competitors, and now a new sticker against bullying Emphasizes again in supporting vulnerable people and creating a good living environment.

The sticker, designed for Instagram by the artist Leo Natsume, show one open mouth throwing hearts, and behind her lines in purple, fuchsia and pale pink. Be part of the initiative "Create Don't Hate" ("Believe, don't hate") of the platform.

The sticker est available to place on Instagram Stories, within the wide collection of stickers that has been added in recent years, such as the recent sticker for donations to charities.

Although the term "bullying" is used in Spain and other countries, especially referring to bullying, in this case it seems that focus on online harassment in general. This is an example of how the new initiative is seen in Instagram Stories against bullying:

Image - Instagram launches a sticker to fight bullying

On the illustration of the open mouth that sends hearts a message "Touch for more information" appears, which is what clarifies the goal of Instagram.

Unfortunately, the text remains in good intentions, and does not include any link where bullying victims can get help. Being a global sticker, it will be laborious for Instagram to locate the resources corresponding to each country, but it will undoubtedly be more useful in the fight against bullying, or other types.

Image - Instagram launches a sticker to fight bullying

Although Instagram eliminates the accounts of children under 14, there are not a few children and adolescents in the social network, so a more practical approach to the problem of school bullying might have been better.

In any case, it is clear that Instagram sees as a priority maintain a healthy community, where insults, harassment and aggressiveness are out.

While on Twitter discussions, insults and disqualifications are the norm, and among the low-quality content of Facebook, false news abounds, Instagram has always strived to limit what users can upload, to generate the sensation of "happy social network" that characterizes it.

The sticker for Stories against bullying is not the first initiative to protect the community. Instagram recently decided to ban aesthetic filters, such as those that thin the users, increase their lips or eliminate wrinkles, because they can make them feel bad with their own body and encourage cosmetic surgery.

The illustration of the open mouth sending hearts generates a positive message, so the sticker against the bullying of Instagram Stories is a laudable alternative, although it is a shame that the company does not suggest any form of contact for victims who do not know where to go.

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