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Inclusion in videogames with seas language

Nowadays, the videogames beyond being an experience that sweeps people, like the same company as Nintendo He has handled openly in several of his presentations, they are something that must unite them, something that is not only enjoyed among friends but also in family, where the most important are the players. In its creation all companies and studios have sought the comfort of their players by providing games for all tastes and special attachments for others, doing more realistic or immersive experience, but it’s weird that a game is particularly inclusive talking about a particular disability in this case the hearing impairment, that's why the arrival of the seas tongue to the world of video games with the title Mossfor the console Playstation 4, he history's first commercial game which incorporates the language of seas as a form of expression to one of its characters, in this case a little mouse called: Quill.

This video game was presented in the past Expo E3 exposing a video of Quill presenting in American sign language with the phrase: It's nice to meet you, my name is Quill, if you would like to meet him here I leave the link.Moss is a video game of Virtual reality type puzzle action, adventure and fantasy, your official departure will be to end of this year but you can do your pre-order for $ 29.99 USD in the PlayStation Store. Unlike other virtual reality video games, the person who plays is not the one who has the action immersed in the virtual world, but who accompanies interacta with the protagonist, who knows that the player is watching him.

He was such support and success during your presentation, which is expected in a future there are many more video games that use the seas language as a way to connect more people who play it and be the first of different ways of Inclusion in a video game. A great idea taken by PlayStation without a doubt, the issue of inclusion is something difficult to discuss, but very important, the Gamer community it is composed of all kinds of individuals, and if the technology serves to improve life of people in various aspects, it was time for the world of videogames to do the same.

Would you like there to be more development of this kind?, do not hesitate to leave your comment and until next time.

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