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How to listen to a WhatsApp audio without the other person knowing

A trick allows you to listen to WhatsApp audios without the reproduction mark remaining in the message Source: Archive

whatsapp audios They are a very convenient way to tell something to another person without having to write the text, and with the advantage that it allows us to take advantage of the richness of tones and silences that our voice achieves to complement the information we want to convey.

Some people want to take time to think about how to respond to that audio, but they have the urgency of
double blue tilde: Who sent the message can see (if we have the reading check active) that we receive the audio and listen to it. And in general people assume that if we hear (or read) a message, the response must be immediate.

But there is a trick to avoid this last part: that the other person knows that it arrived (the cursor of the audio is in green), but that it does not change to blue, the mark that that audio was reproduced.

How to listen to the audio without the other knowing?

The way to achieve it is
forwarding the message containing the audio (with a long pressure on the audio). The simplest is to send it to a group in which we are alone, for example (many people use these groups to
send messages as memory aid). For that we have to create a group with another person, and then that contact leaves the group, leaving us as the only member.

In that group you can listen to the audio without problems. Neither its reproduction nor its resubmission appear as marks in the original conversation.


How to listen to a WhatsApp audio without the other person knowing – LA NACION