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How to create an event on the calendar while browsing the Internet

Calendario de Google con tema oscuro

Google calendar with dark theme

Google has just introduced a new function of the most useful, aimed at boost your productivity, and all thanks to a new and simple Web domain. As they have in Android Police, the company has recently activated the domains “” and “”, which allow Quickly create an event or meeting in your Google calendar.

In this way, the need for keep a bookmark saved in the browser that points to the calendar website, to access each time you want to enter a new event in the calendar. Remembering these two simple domains, carrying out this process will be much faster.

It is necessary to mention that, despite being a function intended to be used in the desktop version of Google Calendar, it is also possible access the creation page of a new event if you enter any of the two domains in the mobile version of the browser, or directly in the Google search barfrom the home screen of your Android. In this case, that s, the web version of the calendar will run, regardless of whether the app is installed on the device.

In addition, this is not the only "quick access" that Google offers in its apps focused on productivity. If you use Google Keep, you'll be happy to know that with the domain "" you access the page to create a new note in Google Keep.

On the other hand, if you use the Google Office suite of apps, the options are multiplied since you can use the domains "", "" or "" to create a new text document; "", "" or "" to create a spreadsheet; "", "", "" or "" for a slide show; "" or "" to generate a form, and finally "", "" or "" to create a page with Google Sites.

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