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Gradient, the app that tells you how famous you look, in the spotlight

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International.- In recent days, the Gradient app has become very fashionable among smartphone users, an app that allows iPhone and Android users to discover how famous they look when uploading an image of themselves. There are many users who, these days, are uploading photos of them to their social networks in which they showed the graphic evolution of what famous person they look like.

It has been number one in the Apple Store and Google Play

A boom of downloads of Gradient has occurred these days in the Apple Store and Google Play, becoming the number 1 downloads. Its use has become popular, especially since several of the Kardashian sisters have shared Stories on Instagram with their results.

But how does this app work so lately? What Gradient does is compare a user's selfie with a base of celebrity photographs and show the result, allowing it to be shared and social networks. To do this, use Artificial Intelligence to make the comparison although it is also true that if the user uploads the same selfie several times, the result is different and looks like a different famous, so it can be said that the result obtained is something rather random.

Its success reminds of FaceApp

Although this is not the only problem that the app has registered. Another of them is that its origin is uncertain and its developer "Ticket to of Moon Inc." has not published other apps nor is there information about it if you search on the Internet. So doubts about the purpose of the app do not stop growing among users.

This clearly reminds us of the success of the FaceApp policy a few months ago, the app that lets you know how the user will be in their old age after uploading an image and wondering if, in fact, what they did was to collect user data .

What is certain is that the Gradient boom has made other similar apps appear at a lower price, although both the Apple Store and Google Play are already removing these apps that are copies or whose purpose is, basically, to deceive users

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