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Google Maps has a function to highlight favorite restaurants

Google Maps function restaurants

Google Maps It is one of the most popular navigation applications, and has a large mass of users. To maintain its wide community, the app does not cease its efforts to launch new features that improve the user experience, such as its new function that let you know if a taxi driver tries to tangarte or even kidnap you or new ways to report an accident. Google can now end Tripadvisor with the new Google Maps feature You just submitted.

The Mountain View company has presented the new Google Maps feature that it now offers a list so that users can locate the best places to eat or drink in the city. In an official statement the company has offered more details of this function, the lists of Favorite Locations which highlights the most beloved restaurants in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

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In this way, if a user searches for the best pizza in Chicago or the best Los Angeles cakes, now with that list you can locate the user's favorite places. There are many users who leave so much you review as mens or photographs of restaurants on Google, and many others use this information to make the decision on where to eat or what new places try.

Google Maps releases the new feature ?Favorite locations?

Google Maps favorite restaurants function

The new list of Favorite Locations Google Maps uses these classifications and reviews that people make in business profiles. In this way, in addition to offering new customers to these premises, it also helps to discover the restaurants and premises most loved by users. A function that could end Tripadvisor, the well-known application.

Google has also announced that with the new feature users can filter by city and type of restaurant. A list found in the ta Explore ?from Google Maps and in the ?Lists? section. The favorite places, in addition, have a label so that users can find them in the simplest way possible.

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