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Google launches more "experiments" and digital wellness apps for Android

Cellular plans for small businessesThe vast majority of people recognize that they should try to spend less time stuck to their phone, but despite the best intentions, it is not always an easy thing and brings with it a series of consequences. To that end, Google launched a set of new applications and tools to help you waste a little less time on your device and more time being productive or simply in other activities. The new applications are part of a set of new ?experiments? of Digital Wellbeing, or Digital Wellbeing, which are now available in the Google Play Store.

Originally, the Digital Wellbeing feature was launched for users to track how much they use their phone and the applications on their device, as a way to limit that use. The five new applications are part of that initiative. The interesting thing is that they don't seem to require that Digital Wellbeing is really on your phone, so you can take advantage of them even if you don't have a recent version of Android.

Here is what you should know about these new digital wellness experiments, and how you can apply them in your daily life.

Desert island

Desert Island, which in Spanish means desert island, basically forces you to choose a few applications, while keeping the rest of your apps totally hidden so that they do not distract you. Basically, you choose only seven applications to display, while the others remain hidden from view, although you can use them if necessary. After 24 hours, you will receive a summary that tells you how you used the specific applications, how often you limited yourself to using the chosen ones, and if you also used some that were not on your list.


Morph aims to completely change the appearance of your phone depending on when you are using it. The idea is that the use of a single startup design can make your device a bit distracting when you open your device, so Morph changes what you see when and where you need it. You can create as many modes as you want, assign applications to be available in those modes and have the modes automatically activated based on the time or location. Morph even limits notifications according to the mode you have programmed.

Paper phone

Paper Phone, or paper phone, is quite different from the other applications, since the goal is to completely eliminate the use of your device. The idea is that every morning you can use the application to print important information that you might need during the rest of the day, such as contacts, tasks, calendar, weather information, etc. and use that paper copy instead of using your phone.

Post box

Post Box, or mailbox, is intended to help you manage your notifications. The application essentially blocks notifications so that they do not appear constantly as they are sent to you, but instead shows them in a package at a specific time you determine, either at the end of your day or up to four times during the day.

Unlock Clock

Unlock Clock is basically a simple wallpaper that shows a count of the number of times you have unlocked your phone during the day. You can access the wallpaper in the Google Wallpapers app, and show you gigantic numbers on the screen that shows every time you opened your device, which will help you see exactly how many times during the day you raise your phone and presumably do it less .

We flip

We Flip is a kind of game that aims to keep users in groups away from their phones for a specific time, such as at family meal time, or when you are with your friends at a meeting. To use the application correctly, everyone must have it installed on their device. When all phones are linked, you just have to turn your phone upside down on a table or other surface to begin a session. When a person turns their device to look at the screen, the session ends, and they lose the game.

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