Google Assistant does not respond on Android: Solutions to this bug

Google Assistant does not respond on Android: Solutions to this bug

Google Assistant is currently a basic application on Android smartphones. A very useful app, which we can use in all kinds of situations, in addition to opening in many different ways. Although there are times when it may not work properly. Since we ask you a question or we want it to open, but we don't get an answer at any time. What can we do in that case?

In this sense we have a number of different options. Therefore, if at any given time you see that Google Assistant does not respond on Android, you can always try one of them. So the wizard will work again normally on the phone.

Google Assistant voice activated


This is a first importance check. Since it is possible that the reason Google Assistant does not respond on your phone is because you don't have voice output activated at that time. This option may have been unconfigured at some point without you noticing. In any case, it is good to check if this option is activated. Since it would be the origin of this failure.

You have to open the Google app on Android and then click on the option More (three vertical dots). Then, you have to access the app settings. Within it we have several options, one of which is Google Assistant, in which we will go into that case. We then enter the telephone option. And there are several checks to be made.

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On the one hand, we make sure that the Google Assistant option is activated. In addition, we have to verify that the voice output is activated at that time. Also that the preferred input method is voice. If we configure this, we should get the wizard to respond again.

Restart phone

Restart Android

It is very likely that this is a timely failure in Android. Since maybe there was an error in one of the processes on the phone or in Google Assistant. Therefore, as usual, restarting the phone is always an option. So that these processes are going to end and when we turn it on again everything works fine on the device. It is one of the simplest solutions in this regard, but they can work well to end this type of problem.

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