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Golf Blitz takes us to the best online multiplayer of the moment

Golf Blitz comes to Android as a great multiplayer game in which we will face another 3 players to try to be the first to put the ball in the hole. An addictive multiplayer in which everything happens in real time and in which luck and carambola will be an important part of the game.

If we say that those carambolas may mean the difference between victory and defeat, it is because in Golf Blitz we have the physics of objects as one of the technical elements that decide games. That is to say, many times your ball will hit the opposite one so that thanks to that impact it will take the necessary strength to finish earlier in the hole. A few games with enough adrenaline so that we hurry enough to hit the ball before the others.

This is how an online multiplayer is done

Golf Blitz has been published by Noodlecake Studios, and just yesterday we talked about Stealth Operations with that special way of meddling in the enemy base, to launch another authentic bomb for this year. its great technical realization and that multiplayer that hooks, plus that freemium of unlocking some chips that will allow us to evolve to have enough special balls for each game, surely they will make it one of the sensations of the year.

Blitz Golf

Golf Blitz is a multiplayer game based. We will enter a first game, to face up to 3 other players who will try to get the ball the first to go on successive levels, until someone gets enough points to rise as the winner of the round. That is to say, that it will not only be based on playing a level and that's it, you will have to win enough to win the victory.

Blitz Golf

Everything will happen in real time, so hurry up to make the right decisions to drop the golf club and hit the ball so that it takes the necessary trajectory to get closer to the hole. We can help ourselves with different special balls that will benefit us if we use them intelligently.

Use ingenuity and mental speed in Golf Blitz

We will have on the one hand the precision ball which will allow us to hit the shot better, or fire, which will take full potential to the shot so that we reach farther areas. The normal blow we will leave for those less special moments, as when we are near the hole. Remember that object physics plays a great role in Golf Blitz, so do not be discouraged if sometimes the carambolas do not play in your favor, although when it is the opposite, you will surely be very happy.

Golf Blitz Online

Golf Blitz is very lucky, although being before a freemium type Clash Royale, this will mean that some players, paying, will have more chances to excel, but as here the skill is also scored with luck, if you are skilled you can win many games. We believe that it is one of the points that plays in favor in Golf Blitz, although time will tell if they have been able to balance the game enough to give as many advantages to those who play for free as those who spend their euros on micropayments.


Golf Blitz allows you to unlock up to more than 75 avatars, play games with friends, fight for a position in the world table of players, improve your clubs and even be able to see games in real time to see how the best do.

A multiplayer

And go thinking that all those holes you will face will be very varied and completely random, so mental speed will play a great role in Golf Blitz so you can take a quick view of the level before deciding where your first hit will go.