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Gmail introduce confidential mode in its stable version

We therefore ensure that the person to whom we send an email cannot download such attachments, if any. Nor can you copy the message content and other functions. All for this message to be 100% confidential. In addition, to make it safer, it is possible to establish a date on which it will destroy itself. A function that we have in apps like Telegram. Even putting a password is possible.

It is certainly a good way to Be able to send private details in this way via Gmail. For companies it can be a useful function in certain cases. Or users who have to send at a specific time data such as the account number or their passport number, for example.

The confidential mode will officially arrive on June 25. On this date all Gmail users on Android can start using this function in the stable version of the application. Good news with which to improve the privacy of emails in the app.

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