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Fortnite for Android is not on Google Play, all apps are fake

Fortnite has unleashed the fever of the online style game «battle royale». These types of games make use of massive clashes in which only one can remain. Available now on computers, consoles and also on iOS, Fortnite will also be on Android. It is not known when: Epic Games, the developer of the game, is finalizing the development of the adaptation.

There is no Fortnite for Android, at least as of the date of writing of this article. Do not look for it anywhere since it has not even leaked a test Apk. Although yes, given the tremendous expectation Google Play has been filled with applications and games that exploit the image of Fortnite to scratch a few downloads.

Searching among the most recent applications I have encountered several of those copies of Fortnite. Google has been deleting the games that directly imitated the original, but there are still many applications that maintain the representative icon, the name and even almost the development company. I have not seen too much danger since they look like applications without risks, but you have to take extreme precautions: the Fortnite hook for Android is too sweet.

Although Fortnite for Android does not exist many users of the system are looking for it

Fortnite for Android is not on Google Play, all apps are fake

Not everyone who has an Android is equally informed of the news. Fortnite is the game that is currently hitting, it is available on multiple platforms, you can play on an iPhone … The logical reasoning is that it could also be on Android. What is the next step? Logical: Search for the game in the Google Play Store.

The usual applications of tricks, wallpapers and general information coexist with games and applications that seek to impersonate the original. This is the case of «Fortnite Mobile», a new app with the icon and original screenshots that is no longer in the Google Play Store. The app accumulated more than 10,000 downloads in 4 days.

Fortnite for Android is not on Google Play, all apps are fake

Fortnite capture on iOS

The intent of a copy application is to find the largest number of facilities to get users click as much as possible on your advertising. This in the most benign case since the clone could abuse the permissions and steal the user's private data, install malware or even undermine cryptocurrency in the background. You have to be very attentive to everything we download and just do it from the official developers, this advice will always be valid.

When will Fortnite be available in the Google Play Store?

Fortnite for Android is not on Google Play, all apps are fake

Epic games He has not yet confirmed the date, only we can play it in the coming months. The developer does advance the mobiles in which it will be available in the first few days: just go to the "First steps" section of your website and deploy compatible mobiles. It is hoped that Epic looks for the best possible experience and that the millions of users who will connect from Android to their servers do not saturate the experience of other players, hence it is taking so long.

At the moment it is time to wait, there is no other choice. So let's avoid downloading applications that seek to mimic the original game: the less impact they have from Google Play, the less unsuspecting they will attract to download them.