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Features of this electronic notebook

Writing down handwritten details is something that many still do, since they don't want to miss any detail. Smartphones are a solution for this, but it is not exactly what those who are in the habit of using paper and pencil and want to give the jump to digital. For them a good solution is Sharp WG-PN1, an electronic notebook that is very complete.

This new product aesthetically reminds of electronic books in their form and finish (polycarbonate is the chosen manufacturing material). And, in addition, the screen that integrates uses electronic ink technology -from six inches and a resolution of 800 x 600 and with grayscale- which, among other things, allows the accessory to offer a wide autonomy. In what has to do with the dimensions, the ones offered by the device are the following: 157 x 114 x 10, .4 millimeters, while the weight stays in 210 grams. In short, quite manageable and transportable.

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A good detail of Sharp WG-PN1 is that it comes with a case that, in addition, there is a specific place for it stylus which is included and which is what allows you to take freehand notes since the panel is touch. This element, by the way, has a shape that reminds the pens as it is quite thin, so the ergonomics are well maintained. By the way, if you wonder about the options offered by this electronic notebook, it is possible to create documents that are transferred to computers in a simple way and, in addition, you can create sections to store up to 7,000 pages (such as pending tasks or the execution of schedules). An important detail: it is possible to use post-it type elements that are seen on the device screen.

Sharp WG-PN1 digital pad with case

Autonomous and price of this Sharp electronic notebook

In the first section there is good news, since the manufacturer ensures that, with a full charge, which is done by using a USB Type-C port, it is possible to use the Sharp WG-PN1 even for 10 days with intensive use, so it is not bad at all and it is possible to forget the loader when going on a work trip. By the way, a shortcut button is included at the bottom of the front of the device that, among other things, allows you to access the access pages to the created pages or return to the main page to create a new one.

Calendar on Sharp WG-PN1 digital pad

The availability of this product is located in the next month in Japan, and it remains to be seen if it is launched in other regions (but it is always possible to resort to the import if Sharp WG-PN1 attracts your attention). In what has to do with the price, the one that has been announced is 23,000 yen, which in turn remains in about 190 euros to change, which is not much.