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Facebook resolves the WhatsApp and Instagram Instagram

The company says that it was she who triggered the problem for "maintenance operations"


Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have had problems worldwide on Wednesday that have prevented users from uploading images and videos. Already in the early hours of Spain, the company issued a statement in which the problem was resolved "to 100%".

"Sorry for the inconvenience", a Facebook spokesman said in a statement,


Social networks have unevenly affected different areas of the world. The users of the three platforms have complained of difficulties in loading audiovisual content, not so much from the application crashes, as on other occasions.

It was not possible to upload images, videos and live platforms (especially in the case of Facebook), nor audios in the case of WhatsApp.

A Facebook statement

Updated hours after the start of the fall, he has admitted that they themselves are responsible for failures, caused by routine maintenance tasks:

?During one of our maintenance operations, we have triggered a problem that is making it difficult for some users to upload or send photos and videos?.

The company has managed to fix this Thursday. In its initial statement, Facebook was limited to admitting the problem:

"We are aware that some people currently have problems uploading images, videos and other files in our apps."

According to the DownDetector portal

Specialized in tracking this type of situation, the services of the Facebook company began to have difficulties shortly before 4 pm (Spanish peninsular time) on Wednesday.

The words #whatsappdown and #instagramdown quickly became a trend in the social network Twitter, with hundreds of thousands of messages.

As usual in these cases, Twitter has a rebound of users complain that other networks do not work. Either because of its wide implementation or because it was more evident that the photos did not load well in it, WhatsApp is the network that has generated the most tweets.

This fall

It has allowed us to observe a peculiarity about how artificial intelligence works on Facebook to describe the photos.

Instead of the image, users could see some words with what the photographs were supposed to contain.

In some cases they seemed involuntary haikus: "The image may contain: sky, clouds, exterior, water, nature."

The incident

Although global, it has not affected all regions of the world equally. Failures on Facebook have mainly affected northern Europe and the northeastern United States and California.