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Download Photo Roulette, the app where you have to guess who is the photo

Do you remember games like Charades (or Heads Up)? More or less, this stick goes Photo Roulette, an app that you can download on your smartphone and that has positioned itself as number one in Spain, according to its tab in the App Store. It is a social game in which we compete in real time with our friends and that has come to make us laugh when we are gathered in a bar or an informal dinner.

Likewise, it is also a somewhat dangerous resource because of the way of playing (or rather, the game's own concept). Then we explain why.

This roulette is played with the photos you have stored on your mobile

Everyone, or most, we have that suspicion that someone looks at the photo gallery. Sometimes we are not even aware of what is there, especially when our terminal is filled with memes and content of doubtful ethics (facing the public) sent to us by WhatsApp (first excuse).

download photo roulette

And is that Photo Roulette It precisely works with our galley: In each round, the app chooses a photo of the participants randomly, then show it fleetingly (as if it were a story) on all the smartphones they are playing. Thus, participants must guess which player it belongs to that image.

The quickest to guess it gets the highest score, while the longer it takes, the less points will be awarded.After 15 turns the game is over, crowning the one that has accumulated the most points throughout it.

Keep in mind that they can play from 3 to 10 players and that all participants must download the app on their smartphone. Similarly, you can't play online, but you will have to enjoy while we are physically meeting with our friends and family.

To start playing, a user creates a game and others join by entering the PIN of that room in the application, much like Kahoot, for example.

If you are not afraid of your galley … Download Photo Roulette!

Perhaps the hardest part is preparing the ground to play Photo Roulette (clean up in the galley … or not) and above all, convince friends and family to download it.

On the other hand, note that at the time of writing these lines, The app allows you to take screenshots which can throw back more than one.

You can Download Photo Roulette for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices totally free.